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July 18, 2014 / manicured by henri myers


Most everyone is familiar with envelope pushing New York photographer Terry Richardson and his ultra heightened world of porn stars, supermodels, transsexuals, pets and highbrow celebrities who bare all for his lens but not too much about Dian Hanson the woman behind Richardson’s book, Terry Richardson: Terryworld and so many other sexually provocative coffee table books. I thought I’d highlight something fun as I was unaware of Hanson and her many books on the topic of sex and the body. Her Big Book Series – Big Penis, Big Butt, Big Book of Breasts and the Big Book of Legs all contain beautiful and risqué photos of men and women showcasing their big assets. Each book features a well rounded and sometimes comical depiction of the world’s fascination with all things big that spans throughout history and across many cultures. Hanson tackles taboo and sexual obsession with interviews from models, porn actors, photographers and every day people. Hanson began her publishing career as an American  pornographic magazine editor, historian, and occasional model. Since 2001, Hanson has held the position of Sexy Book editor for Taschen Books and continues to cover all sexually oriented titles for the company.

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