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April 28, 2014 / manicured by henri myers




I’m a man that loves creating atmosphere especially at home. Whether I have friends over for drinks or just taking it easy on my own, this new creation is everything! Check out this brilliant must have – The Holî Smart Mood Lamp. TheHolî Lamp states that it’s the first smart and connected LED lamp on the market and what’s great about it that it’s controlled by an iOS or Android application available for free for your iPhone or iPad and let’s you control your lighting to reflect your mood. Named after the Hindu festival of colors, the minimalist ambient light is discreet yet stylish and with 500 lumens of brightness, your space will be covered. The Holî Lamp is 3cm wide and 20cm long and boasts a myriad of rich and vibrant lightscapes of colors to choose from all with a touch of hand. There’s a vast array of custom colour palettes as well to tap into stunning light choreographies designed by professional light-designers. Turn music into light by syncing your music to the Holî Lamp to create your own discotheque or chillout lounge. It also has the option to convert night owls into early birds with the gentle dawn simulator allowing you to wake up to soothing light therapy.

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