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March 7, 2011 / manicured by henri myers








More French news here…multi-media artist Liz Brizzi is French but born of Italian parents and grew up in sunny Los Angeles. Brizzi uses a wide range of media techniques to achieve her moody multi-layered art work, showcasing various architectural details to create more complex graphics, structures and imaginary landscapes, Brizzi combines her own photography with acrylic oils painted on canvas and then covered with layers and layers of radiant acrylic washes to create this dreamy effect. most of Brizzi’s work consists of local city scapes of naked streets and the many dark shadows of Downtown LA and the people that breathe new life into the area.  i ran across her works this week and just in the nick of time to list her upcoming show at Thinkspace Gallery – March 12th – 26th. Thinkspace is located at: 60009 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA – 310.558.3375. hope you check out this show…i’ll be there!

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